Cryocourse 2019 is split into two parts: theoretical and experimental.

The theoretical part of the Cryocourse 2019 takes place near „the Slovak sea“ Zemplínska šírava in the congress hotel Thermal Šírava (around 70 km far-away from Košice city). Zemplínska šírava is the second largest dam in Slovakia and serves as tourist destination, water reservoir and protection against floods for the eastern part of the Slovakia. The congress hotel Thermal Šírava is a part of the spa resort and offers whole infrastructure and environment needed to organize such event: accommodation, meal, congress hall, etc.

The experimental part of the Cryocourse 2019 takes place in the Centre of Low Temperature Physics (CLTP) of the Institute of Experimental Physics SAS and P. J. Šafárik University in Košice, Park Angelinum 9, Košice. The CLTP is located within walking distance of the city centre (7 minutes). Košice city is Slovakia’s the second largest town and acts as the civic hub for eastern Slovakia i.e. the city is educational, cultural and industrial center. This peaceful town has very rich and long history, beautiful historical pedestrian center dominating by the St Elisabeth cathedral, the theatre and many other historical buildings and attractions (worth to see).

Accomodation (experimental part)

During the experimental part of the Cryocourse 2019, the participants are hosted by two hotels: hotel Crystal and hotel Maraton. Both hotels are located within the walking distance from the CLTP (4 minutes, see map below). The hotel Maraton provides also the meals (lunch and dinner) for the participants of the Cryocourse 2019.

Our office position (meeting point)

How to get to Košice

  • By plane:
    The international airport at Košice operates daily flights to/from Vienna, London (Lutton), Prague (except Saturdays), Warsaw (except Sundays) and less often to/from  Istanbul. Moreover, there are several companies (e.g. Airtrans, Izijet, Cassoviaexpress) providing the taxi-shuttle services between Košice and near airports: Budapest, Rzesow, Krakow and Vienna.
  • How to get from the Košice airport to the city centre:
    The airport is located just 8 km from the Košice city centre. You can take a taxi or a bus No. 23 to the city centre – it takes 17 minutes to get to the Railway Station (Železničná stanica). Buses run every hour.
  • By train:
    There are regular train connections to Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. The fastest options are InterCity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) trains.
  • By bus:
    Concerning the efficiency and comfortability of the trains, you shouldn’t need to use the bus system very much. However, there are also several companies linking Košice with Prague (usually with several stops on the route), Budapest (e.g. Eurobusways) and Krakow (e.g. Flixbus).
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