Cryocourse 2019

International advanced school on low and ultra-low temperature physics, cryogenics, experimental measurement techniques and engineering for quantum technology


Cryocourse 2019 will be the first training module provided by the European Microkelvin Platform (EMP), that receives funding from the European Union (H2020 project, grant agreement 824109).

The main aim of the upcoming Cryocourse is to upkeep and disseminate the know-how of advanced cryogenic techniques accumulated by the EMP consortium at the European scale. In addition to low temperature physics and technique, this is important for many aspects of solid state quantum technology, and for developing new applications of low noise amplification/detection, novel quantum components, and microwave measurements at single quantum level.

What will you learn?

The students are provided with tutorial lectures on thermodynamics and heat transfer, cooling and measurement techniques, low-temperature detectors, SQUIDs and parametric amplifiers, superconductivity and superfluidity including nano-fluidics, physics of strongly correlated electron systems and 2-D electron systems, quantum fluctuations and quantum phase transitions. Last but not least, the students will also be introduced to the latest developments in the field of low temperature engineering for quantum nano-technology and quantum information. In addition, the program includes the hands on exercises for thermometry, practical aspects of cryo-engineering, as well as some more advanced measurement techniques (e.g. STM spectroscopy, AC calorimetry, noise thermometry, high pressure techniques), guided by advanced graduate students and scientists at the Centre of Low Temperature Physics in Košice.

Target audience

The event is focused on PhD students, post-docs, young technicians and engineers. We offer training by most knowledgeable and distinguished scientists in the field. Eligible are all applications from EU member states and EU associated countries. All registered applicants will undergo a selection procedure made by the International advisory board. Selection process takes into account the quality of the candidate’s application and his/her need for a specific training in Cryogenics, as well as more general criteria as gender, age and nationality balance, etc. Once selected, the participant must be presented for the whole duration of the cryocourse.


The beginning of the Cryocourse/Cryoconferences events is dating back to 2002, when the first course was organised in Grenoble. Since then the events were hosted in different locations:

  • Grenoble – 4 times: 2002, 2007, 2011 and 2013
  • Helsinki – 4 times: 2003, 2009, 2016 and 2018
  • Eindhoven – 2006
  • Madrid – 2008 (Cryoconference)
  • Košice – 2010 (Cryoconference)
  • Heidelberg – 2012


  • Thermodynamics, vacuum techniques and cryofluids
  • Refrigeration techniques and thermometry at millikelvin temperatures
  • SQUIDs and advanced Josephson junction technologies
  • Amplifiers and microwave measurements at the quantum limit
  • MEMS and NEMS devices
  • Topological superfluids and quantum turbulence
  • STM and NMR spectroscopy
  • Nanodevices for cooling and thermometry
  • Introduction to quantum information and basics of qubits
  • Condensed matter at ultra low temperatures as a model systems

Experimental facilities available in our Centre:

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